MSPL has got well qualified, experienced and committed staff in all departments. The details of employees given below.
Sr No. Name Post Work Profile
1. Ashok Joshi Chairman He head Production Department supported by 4 Production Officer and 10-12 field staff. His great Solid network among the growers and organizers is great advantage to the company.
2. Ramesh Agrawal Managing Director He head the Marketing Department Supported by 2 Directors, 5 Regional and Area Manager, 8 Sales Officer. He has got very good experience in marketing and his great ability is to assess the market trend for coming season.
3. Sumeet Joshi
(MBA from Nagpur University) Experience of 7 years in Seeds Business
Director He Control the marketing of Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Some part of Maharastra. He also looks after packaging requirement of the products of Company.
4. Atish agrawal
(Charaterd Accountant Experience of 7 years in seeds Business)
Director He Control the marketing of Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pardaesh, Karnata. He also head the Accounts and Finance Department and Advertising and Publicity of Company